The Lizard Has the Last Word

The long straight stretch
is now the signal
that I’m almost home
after the twisty roads

To the west
Troon Mountain looms large
to the east
is the hazy outline
of The Four Peaks
that rise nearly 8,000 feet

The faint white moon
is still high in the
relentless blue sky

A hummingbird hovers
before me in mid air
deciding which blossom to attack
for the best drink of nectar

The bunny rabbits are busy
Their fluffy white bottoms
earning them the name
desert cottontail

Quail hurry across the road
with a stream of tiny chicks
Cute and goofy
of little brain

Wrens and finches
chirp and call from
the tall saguaro
that are almost past blooming

Prickly pears have never
been more purple
While the fiery orange flowers
of a showy shrub now rule

bursting with magenta petals
are luminously vibrant
and create a floral fiesta.

Granite rock formations speak.
I’m a spirit in prayer
I’m a nut cracked open
to reveal my treasure

The McDowells loom large
Tom’s Thumb largest of all
Pinnacle Peak cries out
Hey, what about me?
I was your first love!

The lizard has the last word.
The tiny one with the long tail
asked for my attention

Next came a bigger,
beefier specimen
to grab my attention

Last, the exotic
green striped lizard
commanded the highest point
of a majestic rock

Pumping itself up and down
to remind me:
It’s time to take an internal audit
and that all important things
are born in our dreams

Goodbye Scottsdale,
I’ll see you in September

A few photos from my walks (click on the side arrows)

Saguaro blooming

Troon mountain

Cactus in bloom

Cracked nut rock formation

Fiery orange flower

Desert cottontail rabbit

Troon mountain with rock outcropping

White cactus flower


Tom’s Thumb

Lizards sunbathing

View of Pinnacle peak from the driving range of Troon Country Club

Pinnacle peak 

Prickly pear