Terroir of Golf

NEW Book by Taba Dale

Terroir of Golf

NEW Book by Taba Dale

Terroir of Golf

A Golf Book for Wine Lovers

It all begins with the land. True for both golf and grapes. From the pure links courses of Scotland to the vineyards of the old and new worlds, in Taba’s new book you will discover the fascinating synergy between golf and wine.

NEW BOOK: Terroir of Golf

A Golf Book for Wine Lovers

A treasure trove of entertaining stories and unexpected discoveries

It all begins with the land. True for both golf and grapes. From the pure links courses of Scotland to the vineyards of the old and new worlds, in Taba’s new book you will discover the fascinating synergy between golf and wine.

You’ll be enlightened by the story of the Claret Jug—golf ’s most coveted trophy of the oldest major—the Open Championship.

Learn which professional golfers have their own wine labels and what clubs and courses encourage golf and wine enthusiasts to indulge in their dual passions.

Terroir in a Nutshell

322 pages, weighing 2 lb, enhanced with over 100 color photographs


Starting with a travelogue of playing golf in Scotland, where Taba had her Aha! moment, leading to the title of this book

The next section is about Terroir — What is it?

First, 5 winemakers from California to Bordeaux to New Zealand describe their own wine journey in Winemakers Talk Terroir

Next 6 leading golf course architects reveal their views in Designers Talk Turf

The chapter on Professional Golfers with Their Own Wine Labels profiles 12 golfers, including Luke Donald, Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, David Frost, Retief Goosen, Cristie Kerr, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Annika Sörenstam, and Jan Stephenson.

Terroir concludes with Golf Clubs Around the World With a Strong Wine Culture offering fascinating profiles that will entertain and amaze

Images of places, events and things Taba wrote about in Terroir of Golf:

Wine tasting patio at Châteaux Troplong Mondot (Photo by Taba Dale)
The wine tasting at Chateaux Troplong Mondot (Photo by Taba Dale)

Whistling Rock Golf Club, South Korea (Photo by Taba Dale)

Navy Ball on Cocoon Course, Hole #7, Whistling Rock (Photo by Taba Dale)

Valderrama Golf Club in Spain (Photo by Taba Dale)

San Lorenzo Golf Club #7, Portugal (Photo by Taba Dale)

“Emergence” by Mark Hill, The Hills Golf Club (Courtesy of The Hills)

“Dragonflies” by Mark Hill, The Hills #6 (Courtesy of The Hills)

Taba at SEGC (Photo by Taba Dale)

Wente Vineyard Golf Course (Courtesy of Wente)

Adare Manor, Ireland, 18th green & formal garden (Photo by Taba Dale)

Machrie on Islay (Photo by Taba Dale)

Grand Saint-Emilionnais Golf Club, Bordeaux (Photo by Taba Dale)

The 18th green at SEGC (Photo by Taba Dale)

What an enchanting and intoxicating read . . .

“Two of my favorite things in life are golf and wine, and Taba Dale has given us a book that explores both subjects and their many connections with wonderful verve and depth. She is exactly right when she writes that everything begins with the ground in golf and grapes; and when she avers that vineyards like courses are living works of art. And then she takes readers on tour of some of Scotland’s finest courses. What an enchanting and intoxicating read!”

 ~ John Steinbreder,
the Senior Writer, Architecture and Travel Editor at Global Golf Post and author/co-author of 20 books


You’ll savor every sip! . . .

“Taba shares her unique voice in golf as a wine lover, a private art dealer, collector and a world traveler, in her exciting new book, ‘Terroir of Golf.’ With an alchemy of passions intersecting, Taba combines beautiful prose with educational tidbits about golf courses and clubs, course designers and players, who share in our fascination of two favorite topics — golf and wine! You’ll savor every sip!”

 ~ Ann Liguori,
Sports Talk Show Host/Golf Reporter/Journalist/Author/Philanthropist

Taba and Kevin at Troplong Mondot in St. Emilion — one of the most extraordinary wine tasting experiences you could ever have in Bordeaux, France

What Readers Say…

Golf and Wine: Exploring Life’s Pleasures

In Praise of Terroir of Golf by Taba Dale
Find both education and entertainment when absorbing Taba Dale’s Terroir of Golf. Dale has penned this 300-plus page opus on the premise that land, and its features, are indispensable to both wine and golf. The better the land, the better the golf and the wine.

The beauty of Terroir of Golf is one really doesn’t have to know a great deal about the Grand Game across the pond – or about wine. That’s because Dale provides the requisite knowledge as she makes an authoritative link between the two. This tome contains four distinct sections: select Scottish courses, views of terroir by winemakers and course designers, professional golfers with wine labels and golf clubs with strong wine cultures.

The designers she features include household names such as Doak, Coore, Kidd and Jan Bel Jan. Dale’s premise and her interviewed producers (France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and California) have a unique take on the winemaking process. Readers, knowledgeable or not, will find vintner observations on how terroir affects the final product insightful and intriguing.

Reading Terroir recalls the life and times of those well-to-do travelers who years ago embarked upon their own Grand Tours. Dale’s vivid detail evokes a decided Michelin Guide feel with nary a wasted word. This is an educational chronicle for armchair or seasoned travelers — for those who love life’s finer things, especially wine and golf, and want to learn more about both. First reads may not inspire an immediate call to one’s travel agent, but may well lead to a gift– one that will be well-received and treasured.

~ Michael J. Stott, Golf Writer


How terroir connects golf architecture and wine making

If you like travel, golf and wine this is the book for you!

I bought Taba’s wide-ranging book at her book launch party in Scottsdale, AZ. Terroir of Golf is one part travelogue, another part the terroir of golf course architecture, another part, my favorite, how terroir defines wine-making decisions, and the last part, the relationship between golfers and wine.

The travelogue portion describes a variety of world class golf course destinations and how these course are emblematic of the region’s geography. Taba describes how the design of these golf courses capture the terroir and how it enhances the golfing experience. The places mentioned in her book also boast a world class wine cellar that certainly would enhance any stay. For me, in the travelogue portion, she adeptly ties together the concept of terroir through the independent individual terroir elements of the resort, golf course and the wine cellar.

My favorite section were her interviews (Q &A) sessions with various wine-makers from around the world. This is where the notion of terroir is best understood/explained. Most of the wine-makers agreed that they needed to understand the soil, climate and growing conditions to plant the best wine varietals, but more importantly, during the wine-making process they had to be true to the terroir. Taba did a great job of bringing that point out during her interviews. That same theme and thought process was also well presented from the various golf course architects.

This book contains a lot of fascinating information tidbits, recaps of great golfing victories and provides a majestic sense of place. If you like travel, golf and wine this is the book for you.
~ Bill K.


An Eagle of a Book

If you love golf and wine, this is the book for you!

Before reading a word, one notices that the production quality of the book is stunning. The font selection makes for easy reading and the photos are superb. The paper quality makes turning the pages a pleasure. However, the real value is in what you will learn about two of the things which enhance the quality of your life. I simply cannot thank Taba enough for putting together this beautiful volume.
~ Steve G.