November 2nd, 2023 – Taba Dale, as a writer/author & GHS board member was a special guest on Golf Talk Live with Ted Odorico.

From Ted’s intro:
“Taba took up golf late in life, having no family or childhood exposure. She realized that her goal to be a “decent” golfer was not materializing (after becoming a decent tennis player within 10 years).Taba found that if she focused on the aspect of being in nature while playing golf a whole new world opened to her. So she began writing about golf and has never stopped, beginning with short stories and now entire books.

She became a board member of the Golf Heritage Society (the first woman to join the board!) opened up another avenue when the editor of the GHS journal, The Golf, published a couple of her stories. Not just because of the joy of seeing her pieces published, but she experience the exhilaration of connecting with so many like-minded golf enthusiasts. We are all in love with and passionate about the game of golf!”