Celebration of authorship and friendship

We had the official Terroir of Golf book launch event on Sunday, May 7th at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was the perfect setting, with the view of Pinnacle Peak right out the window beyond the lush, green practice range.

The event was fun and festive with a special group of friends and fans of my writing. The celebration was shared by many who have been with me on my writing journey for a long time. While I was talking we had a rolling slide show of more than a dozen spectacular photographs from inside the book running on the large flat-screen TVs in the dining space we call The Roost. It was a privilege addressing this joyous crowd who mingled and created such a celebratory atmosphere.

I started by thanking many people who were important in getting the book published. First of all was Cori Brett, who upon hearing just the title — Terroir of Golf, A Golf Book for Wine Lovers — said, “There is great synergy between golf and wine. You are onto something Taba!” Mind you, I hadn’t written a single word yet. I also wanted to point out all the other authors in the room,— starting with Cori — there were at least half a dozen who have published books on a range of topics.

I wanted to acknowledge my partner, Kevin McGrath, with my profuse thanks since this book would never exist without him. We shared so much travel, golf and wine tasting experiences — I could not have done it without him.

Once I got down to the business of signing books, there was a steady stream of people wanting one, two, three and even four books inscribed, not merely autographed. And we all wanted a photo together to memorialize the moment.

Thank you for joining me and sharing your first impressions!


Everyone in this room is here because they love Taba and are thrilled to celebrate her success. She held center stage while generously thanking others who had helped the process along the way. People who intended to purchase a book suddenly thought of friends and family who would also love a copy – signed by the author of course – and the supply quickly dwindled.

Taba is a superstar who connects two of the world’s finest historic pursuits – the elegance of wine and the prowess of golf designers – at their shared birthplace, the “terroir.” The clever juxtaposition of golf course designer and winemaker – both operating in the same arena – stuns and delights me. One of the most satisfying things about Taba’s books is that she never leaves me hanging. Descriptions are always complete with all the details my curious mind craves. I find myself rereading paragraphs just to make sure I got it all. There are layers to discover and enjoy.

~ Cori Brett

Thank you for sending the book so quickly. I love it! It’s a jewel of fun stories and so much “inside the ropes” information. I enjoyed seeing how many photos you took! I did a quick glance through it the first night and have now started to savor the wide variety of entertaining chapters.

~ Mary N.

Your book will certainly have international appeal. I’ve been reading the book, and have enjoyed it. I like the “travelogue” aspect and the personal stories. Your book could be the foundation for an interesting Netflix series… I haven’t read the interviews yet which I will when I read it cover to cover.

~ Bill K.

Taba my dear, what an amazing book! Beyond my expectations. You are so talented and on the road to great success. Thank you for being such a great friend. I can not wait to read the whole book!

~ Kathy H.

I continue to move through the Terroir chapters and find each very educational. I have always had this fantasy about going to the Hebrides so your mention of such faraway places holds real interest for me. Terroir is a terrific read for armchair travelers, especially with a glass of wine at the elbow!

~ Michael S.

New Book by Taba Dale

Terroir of Golf

A Golf Book for Wine Lovers

It all begins with the land. True for both golf and grapes. From the pure links courses of Scotland to the vineyards of the old and new worlds, in Taba’s new book you will discover the fascinating synergy between golf and wine.


What is the book about – is it about wine? Is it about golf? Turn the page and enter Taba’s world –sophisticated, informed and deeply entertaining — as the synergy between the two is gently revealed. Sipping a glass of wine on a clubhouse balcony will never be the same idle gesture. You have become an insider.

~ Cori B.

With lively prose, an intriguing premise, a sweeping sense of history and rich detail, Taba Dale takes us on a journey in Terroir of Golf. Dale leads us to an understanding of what golf and wine share, namely, that they both derive their unique characteristics from the land itself.

~ Sally J. S.

Photos by Tasha Coast

I was intrigued by the title because playing golf and drinking wine are two of my favorite activities. And, I had never considered the connection of the part terroir plays for both. But now your book has enlightened me. I really like the way you have laid out the book and the way you present each chapter differently. I like reading the interviews the way they actually occurred; it gives life to the book.

~ Patty M.

Just finished reading your wonderful book. I learned so much and loved The Claret
Jug history. Did you know that there is a Claret Jug plant? I just saw it this morning at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and made me think of your book.

~ Deborah B.

Pointing out such a profound connection between golf and wine, while educating and entertaining golf and wine lovers alike, Terroir should be a coffee table fixture in every golf club that prides itself on their amazing golf course and serving great wine.

~ Nat K.