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The New Look and Feel of Terroir of Golf

The new version of Terroir is designed by Chic Harper who brings his sophisticated approach to book design that takes the reader on a journey of discovery.

Award Winning Book Designer

Chic Harper is the winner of the British Golf Collectors Society’s Murdoch Medal 2019 and designer of the USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind Award winning books in 2008, 2015 and 2020 as well as designer of Murdoch Medal-winning books in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

High Quality Printer

Terroir will be printed and assembled at McAllister Litho Glasgow Ltd. to their exacting specifications. They print for such esteemed organizations as the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and private clubs such as Royal Liverpool Golf Club and Glasgow Golf Club, the ninth oldest golf club in the world.

P R A I S E  for Terroir of Golf

In Dale’s, “The Terroir of Golf” she captures travel, golf and wine elements in an innovative way through the concept of “terroir.” For Dale, the geologic and geographic forces behind“ terroir” spark creativity. Terroir, is the muse for the skilled professional. People who build great golf resorts, produce world class wines and shape golf course design invoking the ethereal qualities of location. This book is peppered with insights describing the creative process which allows greater appreciation of the environmental and human elements that go into a “simple” glass of wine or the angles and elevation changes in a fairway.

The travelogue portion describes a variety of world class golf course destinations and how these course are emblematic of the region’s geography. Taba describes how the design of these golf courses capture the terroir and how it enhances the golfing experience. The places mentioned in her book also boast a world class wine cellar that certainly would enhance any stay. She adeptly ties together the concept of terroir through the independent individual terroir elements of the resort, golf course and the wine cellar.

In the Q&A section were she interviews various wine-makers from around the world is where the notion of terroir is best understood and explained. Most of the wine makers agreed that they needed to understand the soil, climate and growing conditions to plant the best wine varietals, but more importantly, during the wine-making process they had to be true to the terroir. That same theme and thought process in regards to terroir was also well presented from the various golf course architects.

Bill Kunz, golf enthusiast, with over 800 wine reviews to his credit

New Content

All the stories and profiles have been updated to include the latest information about clubs and personalities that are profiled with over 100 new COLOR photographs throughout the book.

In some cases, stories have been enhanced to include more background of the founding of certain hotels, clubs, courses and locales.

New historic imagery will be woven into the text of several stories, like the one about the Claret Jug, which also sheds light on how the Romans planted the first vines in Bordeaux during their empire-building days.

The New Author’s Edition

The Author’s Edition of only 100 signed and numbered books with a slip case will be available to the discriminating book collector who loves a beautiful presentation as well as a good read.

David McLay Kidd – golf architect of Bandon Dunes

The beauty of Terroir of Golf is one really doesn’t have to know a great deal about the Grand Game across the pond – or about wine. That’s because Dale provides the requisite knowledge as she makes an authoritative link between the two. This tome contains four distinct sections: select Scottish courses, views of terroir by winemakers and course designers, professional golfers with wine labels and golf clubs with strong wine cultures. In her introduction Dale notes that terroir (from the French word terre or ‘land’) refers to the specific environment where a particular wine is produced, i.e.: land as it relates to a crop of grapes, starting with physical habitat including soil, climate and topography. Vintner and course architect views are expressed, in some cases, in different words, but the linkage of land (terrain, soil, et al.) to golf and ultimately land to grapes and fine wine is unmistakable and stands as the thesis for this engaging read.

The designers she features include household names such as Doak, Coore, Kidd and Jan Bel Jan, the second female president of the American Society of Golf Architects. In the book Doak says “Golf is a much more emotional experience than most people give it credit for.” So is wine. Dale’s premise and her interviewed producers (France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and California) agree. Each has a unique take on the winemaking process. Readers, knowledgeable or not, will find vintner observations on how terroir affects the final product insightful and intriguing.

Reading Terroir recalls the life and times of those well-to-do travelers who years ago embarked upon their own Grand Tours. Dale’s vivid detail evokes a decided Michelin Guide feel with nary a wasted word. This is an educational chronicle for armchair or seasoned travelers — for those who love life’s finer things, especially wine and golf, and want to learn more about both. First reads may not inspire an immediate call to one’s travel agent, but may well lead to a gift– one that will be well-received and treasured.

Michael Stott, author of Too Much Loft

What completes this book are the rich, lush, National Geographic quality photographs that brilliantly captures the elements of terroir that can’t be put into words.

This book is ideal for the clubhouse, coffee table or the corporate boardroom. It offers a variety of riches. B. Kunz

Taba Dale uses her inquisitiveness to unearth history and craft engaging stories. In Terrior of Golf the reader inhales her imagery as she blends the intersection of golf and wine. She brings the reader with her for exclusive interviews with golf course designers and personal visits to golf properties. You will never experience a golf course the same way again.

Debbie Waitkus
Co-Founder, President
Marilynn Smith & Founders’ Legacy Foundation
DBA Golf It Forward™

In Terroir of Golf, Ms. Dale connects two seemingly distinct art forms through her vivid prose. As she explores the arts and artists of winemaking and golf course architecture, Ms. Dale delivers her own work of art which, similar to its topic matter, is to be savored.  Golf and wine enthusiasts, as well as lovers of history, landscape photography and travel will delight in this tapestry of well-researched historical backdrops, stunning photographs and expert interviews skillfully woven together with a travelogue that Ms. Dale shares so generously and evocatively. Terroir of Golf uniquely explores and celebrates the natural lands and artists that give rise to the world’s preeminent wines and golf courses.

Brent Johnson, avid golfer