Bonnie Bovine – Part 2

By Taba Dale

After a nice long chewing session and bedding down for the night, Elsie and Lucy are back at it again the next morning…


Bovine girlfriends resting in the morning sun


Elsie had been turning it over in her mind. She said,  “You know Lucy, we may have gotten it wrong. Daviotette sounds like such a high falutin name. Maybe we should just call the big new girl Bonnie.”

Lucy mooed emphatically, “YES! She is a bonnie big girl.” 

“It’s important that we name our herd mothers,” Elsie said with an air of finality. “OK, Bonnie it is, then!”

Lucy nodded her lovely red head. “Thank goodness Ladybug brought her name with her — the little ladybug riding on her face made her such a darling right from the start.”


Darling Ladybug


A wave of sorrow washed over Elsie. “So many of our girls leave us…”

“Besides Batty, there was Black Beauty, Lucy reminisced. “She wasn’t around long enough to gain any standing.”

“Yeah,” Elsie agreed, “she was too beautiful. She must have fetched a pretty penny.”

“Then, ya know, we do have another new calf who is the color of a penny,” Lucy hinted.


Penny coming to investigate the apple!


Elsie caught on. “Maybe we should call her Penny?”

Glad that Elsie took the hint, Lucy mooed, “I like it. I like it.”

Elsie gave it her stamp of approval. “Right, that’s settled — the big mother will be Bonnie and  the adorable calf will be Penny!”