The cows meander to all four corners

of their field throughout the day.

One noisy machine breaks the quiet

Another rumbles by to bale the hay.


A hare bounds in to nibble dandelions

in the lush seafront cow’s field.

He goes practically unnoticed

There’s plenty of room, no need to yield.


The horse I decided to call Star

has made a sudden return.

How did he and his owner know

for him I did secretly yearn?


But wait—it appears there’s a companion

He’s got a new horsey friend.

Obscured somewhat by the wavy grasses

his coat of dark brown shines without end.


He handsomely sports a broad white stripe

down his long majestic nose.

A welcome addition he is indeed

as my eclectic menagerie grows.


No sooner do I begin to enjoy

my noble equine neighbors

Who certainly do spice up the landscape

with their vanilla and chocolate flavors


A beautiful paint to make a trio

has mysteriously been trailered in.

Will the other boys be standoffish as his

patches of chestnut and white contrast him?



I must not forget the gulls often gliding

above the sea and fields bordered by rock.

Along with the tiny and precious pied wagtail

who comprise my magnificent stock.


Last but not least in the animal kingdom

there is one more arrival

Perhaps to the jackdaw, who has been absent this morning

it will be an unwelcome rival?


The magpie has finally come back

to Clare from wherever it did roam.

The scene is now complete in Liscannor

a beautiful place we all call home.